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Tips For Working Moms From Lauren


Blog tips from real bloggers! Lauren’s blog tips for beginners include the ideas and tricks she uses for her working mom blog. Her successful blog tips for beginners include how to use Twitter for bloggers & tools to make money.Today’s featured blogger is Lauren from My Favorite Job Title Is Mom, where she shares tips for working moms.

Lauren relied on information from mom bloggers throughout her entire pregnancy, as a new mom & still even now!

She learned a lot from reading those mom blogs, but she also figured out some tricks/hacks that she didn’t find on her Google searches.

So in 2018 she decided to start a blog to help other pregnant and new moms figure things out.

We asked Lauren to share her favorite:

  • Blog course
  • Book about blogging
  • Affiliate programs
  • Blog tips for beginners

If you’re looking for tips for working moms, you definitely need to visit My Favorite Job Title Is Mom.

And if you’d like to be a featured blogger with Mom Resource, you can apply here.

Why Do You Blog?

Lauren shared this awesome video about her journey to start a blog.

What’s Your Blog Niche?

Parenting from the working mom perspective for pregnancy through the early toddler years.

Describe Your Ideal Reader

A first time mom that is pregnant, married and has a career.

Tips For Returning To Work After Maternity Leave 

Favorite Book About Blogging Or Business

Go for No is one of my favorite books.

It’s not blogging related, it’s actually more network marketing, but the concept that if you stop asking before you get a no, then you don’t know how many yes’s you missed out on.

I think this concept can be applied to blogging and many other areas of life.

Best Blog Course

I haven’t taken any formal courses yet because I haven’t committed to spending the money.

Your content that is Twitter focused has been the most helpful as well as the free 10K traffic challenge that Heather and Pete Reese do every month.

Favorite Affiliate Programs


I can’t be the only mom that wishes to be a Pinterest mom but is actually an Amazon Prime kind of mom.

One Big Goal For The Next 6 Months

To get my monthly blog traffic to 10K.

Biggest Win From Your Blog So Far

My first affiliate income which I got from a diaper campaign.

Best Blog Tips For Beginners

It’s not just writing content.

Make sure that you are ready to take on learning website design, SEO and social media.

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