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Time savers are invaluable for working moms. If you’re anything like me, you understand the value of slicing off even a few minutes from the hectic morning routine. The difference between leaving the house at 715 versus 730 is adds an additional 15 minutes of traffic congestion to my commute on top of additional stress. Knowing this, our family morning routine is a well-oiled machine. Though it may sound rigid to some, what we sacrifice in flexibility we make up for in the ability to start our day off on a positive note. These tips are a collection of the many things that save us time in the morning during the work week.

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Time Saving Tips for the Work Week

Pack Lunches While you Prep Supper

This is a must for me. Packing lunches in the morning makes everything hectic. At the same time, if I wait to do it until just before I go to bed I convince myself that I’m just too tired to be bothered. I’ve found that what works best is to prep lunches while I make supper the night before! If I’m making chicken for supper, I’ll chop up a little extra for a wrap or sandwich for lunch. If I’ve made steak for dinner, I’ll add it to a salad for lunch. Most suppers can be easily adapted for lunch the next day and it’s easy enough to chop up a few extra veggies and throw them into containers while you’re already in the groove!

Overnight Breakfasts: Oatmeal/Chia seed pudding

I have just recently added this to my morning routine. There are a number of recipes on Pinterest that are not only yummy but a great kickstart for your day! The protein and fiber combo will rev you up and keep you full until lunch. Not only that, but they will save you time because they are make it jars which are perfectly portable to throw in your bag and eat at your office computer while you check your morning emails. This no-cook chocolate chia pudding recipe is my favourite, and chia has several added health benefits as well!

Create clothing bundles

My friend S enlightened me with this one a long time ago. You know how kids always want to dress themselves but take a million years to do so? Skip the long deliberations over the perfect outfit by pre-bundling outfits in their drawers. Match up t-shirts and pants, roll them together and secure with an elastic. Voila! Instant no-fuss outfits that your child just has to grab and dress! They’ll be both stylish and punctual! Also it’s a good idea to stick to neutrals in order to easily mix and match. I love this simple Billabong white tee and Black Russell Athletic pants for my active young boy!

Grocery Shop Only Once Per Week

This one is sure to save you time and money! In the past, I’ve notoriously grocery shopped every 2-3 days. This leads to not only a significant amount of wasted food, but also wasted time and money. Plan your meals a week in advance and stick to your list. This little bit of prep not only frees up time spent on extra trips to the store but also saves you time every night while you deliberate what culinary creation you’ll be able to whip up from the miscellaneous contents of your pantry.

Bonus tip: Safeway offers 10% off your groceries the first Tuesday of every month. Shop all of your meat for the month and freeze it! You’ll always have meat on hand and you save big on the most expensive item on your grocery list!

Exercise early

I find that getting up a half an hour before the rest of the house is the most wonderful way to begin my day. Not only do I have a quiet house to do my morning workout, (re: no little minion climbing on my back as I do burpees) it also allows me to check this off of my to-do list for the day. I have learned over time that the only way to sustain a workout routine is to get it over with early in the day. If I leave it until after I’m done work, I’ll eventually give up because I’m just not in the mood by the end of the day. Getting up before everyone else allows me to fit it in and makes it much more difficult to make excuses!

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